October 2016 English version

Download prayletter for October: pray4dk_oct_2016  in PDF file


1. Religious speech under pressure (follow-up from last prayer-letter)

At this time there is a proposal from the government concerning freedom of speech and religious utterances. We wrote about this in our last newsletter.  There has been a hearing about the proposal, and the final law proposal will be put together and a vote will be taken. Many Christian pastors are concerned about this situation. Continue to pray…

  • That Christian pastors and leaders will keep their freedom of religious speech.
  • For the pastors in contact with the government. Pray for divine favour with the government, especially the Ministry of Church Affairs.
  • That the wording of the law will be beneficial for the Christians.

2 . A window of opportunity among refugees and foreigners

As we have mentioned there is now a window of opportunity among refugees. Over 500 Muslims have converted to Christ in the last couple of years.

  • Pray that they will be grounded in their new faith.
  • Pray that they will receive strength and wisdom to share their faith.
  • Pray that the Danish pastors and churches will be able to understand and integrate them.

3. The new year in the parliament – pray…

  • For the health and safety of all parliament members
  • That they will execute justice.
  • That they will follow the Lord’s ways and govern with wisdom for the welfare of the country (Jer 29:7)
  • That God will accomplish his purposes through them.


Other focus areas

  • ”Pray… ”for kings (our queen, prime minister etc.) and all those in authority, that we may live peaceful and quiet lives in all godliness and holiness.” 1 Tim 2,1-2
  • Christians taking responsibility in bringing Christian values to society
  • A Spirit of prayer. That there will be an awakening of a hunger for the presence of God.
  • That God will raise up boldness in His people to be light and salt to the world. Pray that the Christians will have strength to speak up for what they believe.
  • Release of God’s power. Pray according to Acts 4,29-31.