The Vision of the Ark 

Erling Tychsen, who lives in Roskilde, got a vision for this prayer group more than 12 years ago. Here is his testimony.

Short version:

”Build an ark!”

No, it isn’t God’s words to Noah, we are talking about. In January 2002 Erling awoke in the middle of the night hearing the words ”Build an ark!”. ”Strange words”, Erling thought ”I am not a carpenter. There is no flood”. But as the weeks passed by, God revealed the vision to Erling, bit by bit. Two different preachers who didn’t know Erling pointed him out in the crowd saying: ”Build an ark!”.

Slowly Erling realized that the ark had saved the people during the flood at the time of Noah, God was asking Erling to raise up an army of prayer warriors that through their prayers would bring salvation to the people of Denmark.

…do you want to be one of those intercessors?

January 2022:
Today we have over 27.000 followers on our Facebook page Link . We are thankful for all people around the globe that has a heart to pray for Denmark. The weekly updates for prayer request will also be published on the this website.

Long version:

It is a dangerous prayer to pray: “God use me as you will”. It has consequences. That I have experienced.

Sometime ago I attended a conference at a bible college in Kolding. At the end, some theological students distributed a Scripture verse to each one present. I got one too, and I placed it in my Bible. I was wondering what the verse was about and looked it up. I talked about Levi. ““Follow me,” Jesus said to him, and Levi got up, left everything and followed him.” He left everything and followed Jesus. I thought, why should I have this scripture? Then I realized, that I had promised to follow God, no matter what.

He called my name
Almost a year went by, and I found myself in a situation where I had lost everything, finances, family, job all was lost. I had nothing except God. In that state of powerlessness God spoke to me. God has promised He will work, when we are powerless. ‘When you are depending on me, I step in. Then I can use you, I can speak to you.’  Then I started to read the book, “The Prayer of Jabez” His name was pain, and he prayed, “Oh, that you would bless me and enlarge my territory!” I prayed the first part, because I needed God’s blessing, but I could not see, how the second part could come to pass. I had been a preacher in many years, with a desire to win people for Christ. One January night, I woke up to the sound of someone calling my name. I thought what is happening? It was quite dark. I thought to myself I must have been dreaming Get back to sleep. Then I I heard my name being called again, not just once but twice!

But God
I wondered, “Is it really you God?” Then it came, “Build an Ark!” But God, you have said, no more floods. Should I build an ark? I’m not a carpenter. Where should I get gofer   wood? It all sounded too far fetched, unreal. But I was convinced it was the voice of God. Then doubt crept in, and I started to read the account in Genesis. People were laughing, there were no signs of rain, you will never sail. I found myself looking at this scripture over and over again, I wanted to just ignore it, but kept on studying the Ark. I calculated they would have used a forest to build it. I just kept on wondering about the Ark, but I could not see myself building an ark.

God has told me to tell you
After some time the phone rang, it was the worship leader from our church. She said, “God has asked me to tell you, that you should attend a college.” Again the doubt set in, can this be true? I’m not a college guy. Living so close to others did not appeal to me. I was not young anymore, not only that there was no income, and I had a good job. But the next day I felt, that I should at least speak to someone at the college. I called but after I had spoken to them, I felt, no! This is not for me.
The following evening the worship leader who called the other day called again. She asked, ‘Have you called the college?’ Yes, but I do not feel it is right. What college did you call? So I told her, then she replied it is the wrong one; it is the Apostolic Bible College in Kolding you should call. Should that make any difference?  But OK I will try it, but most likely it will give the same result. I called the headmaster, and he invited me for a cup of coffee. So I met him and was invited on a tour of the school. We started at the main entrance and he said, “Welcome to the Ark!” I wondered, why he was saying that. We continued the tour, and he explained that the school was built in the same dimension as the Ark.  I was convinced and wanted to try the college out I took some time off from work, and attended the college.

After a few days there was a conference with an English prophetess. Suddenly she stopped in the middle of her sermon, and pointed me out in the audience, at least it looked like she was pointing at me, but I thought it must be someone behind me, so I turned around, but she said, no it is you with that shirt, then she continued, “You are the man, who should built the Ark.” How can she know? I asked myself. I have told no one, I do not know her? I was so surprised by this that I had a talk with the headmaster at his office. Then a Faroese man came and told me, ‘When she said that, I got a picture of a lot of people carrying an ark in their hands, praying hands.’ I went back to my room, thinking about this, and then it came to me, 40.000 intercessors for Denmark. At that time there were no Facebook and things like this, these things were just in their beginning. That’s why I felt it was an impossible task. I thought, how many do you know Erling?  And would they pray? I could come up with about a 100, so there were only 39900 to go! This is not possible!

I continued in the college, and visited Kansas City and ‘The 24 Hour Prayer House’. In a meeting, where the leader was preaching, he came to the aisle where I was seated, pulled me out from my seat, pointed his finger at me and said, “Built the ark!” Then I fell to the floor. There must be something about this, now I have heard it several times, first from God, and two persons unknown to me have confirmed it. Several times, when someone prophesized over me, the ark was mentioned. Now I have lived with this in about 11 years, and have somehow put it off, because I feel I am not able to do it. What do you really want God?

What do you want?
He wants revival; He wants 40.000 intercessors for Denmark. I was reminded of Ezekiel 47 were it talks about water coming from the temple, where it came everything was made fresh and alive. Things were fruitful, there were fruit every month. Fishermen were catching fish along the banks of the river, fish from the entire world, it says all kinds. It is a picture of how The Holy Spirit gives increase, fruit and revival, where He comes. The Ark is a picture of where the fruit, the harvest should be collected. The Ark is a picture of The Holy Spirit, who is gathering in souls. It shall sail to a new port every month, let us say it reaches a new city every month,  then there will be 40.000 intercessors praying for this city for revival. That is what God has said is needed for a revival in Denmark! God will not use our limitations but our willingness and weakness to accomplish, what He wants!