Week 10 and 11 – 2019

Every summer 10.000’s are gathering at Christian conferences, sleeping in tents and caravans. The preparations have been going on for months and are now entering the final and most hectic phase.

– Please PRAY for the preparations – that things must go smoothly and all obstacles along the way be overcome.
PRAY also that many will feel called to attend the conferences.

– PRAY that there’ll be an open heaven above and the blessing of the Father will rest heavily upon each and every one of the conferences.

– PRAY especially for the kids, the teens and the young. Many can tell about how they met God in a very young age at one of these summer conferences.

(Photo: Bastian Kjoeller)



– PRAY for the youth in Denmark.

The constant pressure to be a success and comparing to other via social media are probably some of the main reasons that 40,5 percent of the women of age 16-24 have a high degree of stress level. 
And that 23.8 percent of the women of same age are constantly are feeling mentally bad.

Each year 4.900 out of 63.000 young people are being marginalized and end without job or education.
And 15 percent of all Danish kids have been treated for mental illness before the age of 18.

– PRAY that many young men and women will start to seek God.

– PRAY that they’ll meet Christians who can tell them about Jesus – and his promise to give rest to the weary and burdened.

– And PRAY that they’ll surrender their life to Christ and thus find new hope and direction in life.