Week 9 – 2019

It has been going on for more than 10 years in UK – and now Danish churches are embracing the idea as well:

“Mahabba” – the vision to gather Christians from different denominations in ghetto areas with a large Muslim population to pray.

It’s not about starting new churches. 
It’s about getting together as the body of Christ to pray for and reach out with friendship to our Muslim neighbors.

“Mahabba” is by the way Arabic for “love”.

– Please PRAY for the opening conference April 6. – where the official beginning of “Mahabbat” in Denmark takes place.

– PRAY for the “Mahabbat”-groups which already exist.

– PRAY for new groups to start in cities all over Denmark.

– And PRAY for the Muslims in Denmark – that they’ll see and meet Jesus as their savior and deliverer.